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Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 11 reviews
Eugenol boasts a warm and spicy fragrance that is perfect for creating a cozy and comforting atmosphere when diffused in your home or workspace. The invigorating scent of Eugenol can help to enhance mental clarity and focus, making it an ideal addition to your study or work routine.

To make an invigorating room spray with Eugenol Oil, simply add a few drops of the oil to a spray bottle filled with water and shake well before using. This natural and refreshing spray can help to boost your productivity and keep your mind focused and alert throughout the day.
Bold aromatic profile goes a long way in aromatherapy blends

Just a few drops of Eugenol adds a warm, spicy aroma with hints of clove and cinnamon, bringing a sense of comfort and coziness to any essential oil blend. Its rich fragrance adds depth and complexity to perfumes, candles, and culinary creations, creating an inviting ambiance that delights the senses.

A more powerful alternative to clove essential oil

Eugenol and clove bud oil share a close relationship, with eugenol being the primary component responsible for clove oil's distinctive aroma and therapeutic properties. While both offer similar benefits and effects, eugenol offers a powerful, more concentrated alternative that will please anyone looking for a stronger clove oil.

Wholesale Botanics essential oils are carefully distilled and evaluated to ensure aromatic and therapeutic potency.
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Vegan Friendly

The oil is 100% Vegan - No animal was harmed nor used in the manufacturing of this product.

Responsibly Sourced

We work with farms and producers in over 30 countries to support renewable harvest and grow practices.

Loved by our customers

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Oil Report

Access the certificate of analysis below to see the geographical and scientific data of our Eugenol Oil.

Geographical & Botanical Breakdown of Eugenol Oil

View and download the Certificate of Analysis for our Eugenol Oil.

Botanical Name
Syzygium aromaticum
Oil Extract
CAS Number
Also Known As
  • Clove Essence Oil
Grown In
  • India

Oil Profile

With its warm and spicy fragrance, Eugenol Oil creates a cozy and focused atmosphere.
Extraction Method
Steam Distillation
Parts Used
Pale yellow liquid
Warm, pungent, spice
Key Components
Blends Well With
Cinnamon, citronella, and juniper essential oils
Mixes Well With
Jojoba, argan, or coconut carrier oils

Key Components

Eugenol is the primary compound in Eugenol Essential Oil, known for its potential analgesic and antiseptic properties. 
β-caryophyllene is another important component in Eugenol Essential Oil and is recognized for its anti-inflammatory effects
Eugenol Essential Oil contains oleanolic acid, which has potential benefits for skin health, specifically in treating skin lesions.

Eugenol Oil Uses

Cherished for its potential soothing properties, Eugenol Essential Oil is a delightful addition to any aromatherapy collection.

How to Use Eugenol Oil

Topical Uses

Healing Salve: Create a healing salve by combining Eugenol Essential Oil with a carrier oil like Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil and a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Apply this soothing salve to minor skin irritations for potential relief and support in the natural healing process.

Soothing Body Wash: Enhance your body wash by adding a few drops of Eugenol Essential Oil. Enjoy the calming and soothing effects of this oil as you cleanse and refresh your skin.

Aromatic Uses

DIY Cleaning Solutions: Add Eugenol Essential Oil to your DIY cleaning solutions for a warm and inviting scent. Its aromatic properties can help create a pleasant cleaning experience.

Diffusion for Relaxation: Diffuse Eugenol Essential Oil in your living space to promote relaxation and tranquility. Let the warm and soothing aroma envelop your surroundings.

Eugenol Essential Oil Relaxing Bath Salt Blend


  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 10 drops of Eugenol Essential Oil
  • 5 drops of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil


In a container, mix the ingredients together. Add a handful to your warm bathwater to indulge in its relaxing aroma. Store the remaining blend in an airtight container.

Eugenol Oil Fun Facts

Eugenol Essential Oil is a popular ingredient in natural cleaning solutions due to its pleasant scent and potential antibacterial properties.

Eugenol has a long history of use in dentistry due to its numbing properties. 

Some people use Eugenol Essential Oil as a natural insect repellent. Its aromatic qualities may help keep pesky bugs at bay during outdoor activities.

What is Eugenol Oil?

Eugenol Essential Oil is primarily derived from the clove plant Syzygium aromaticum. Cloves are a well-known spice that has been cherished for its aromatic and flavorful properties. They have been widely used as a flavoring agent in a diverse range of culinary creations. They impart a distinct and aromatic flavor to meats, stews, cakes, and teas, making them a popular spice in kitchens around the world. 

Beyond their culinary applications, cloves have been valued for their potential medicinal properties. Specifically, eugenol, the major constituent of clove oil, has been used to protect against nephrotoxicity (kidney damage), chronic inflammation, and even cancer. 

Eugenol Essential Oil exhibits antioxidant activity and may have skin-protective properties. Some research suggests that Eugenol Essential Oil may have anxiolytic properties as well. Therefore, it has commonly been used in aromatherapy for its calming effects. 

What Our Customers Think

"I mix eugenol oil with my mouthwash and use it after brushing and it's just what I needed to complete my mouth hygiene habits, it's perfect." - Todd 08/26/21
"Regular hand sanitizers dry my hands so much it hurts, but eugenol is a really good disinfectant too and does the opposite by hydrating my skin, a bit too much at times tho as it doesn't absorb as fast as I would like." - Kate 05/19/21
"I like to take long baths and this oil gives that relaxation time a premium feeling with its awesome scent and substantial benefits for the skin." - Daisy 09/13/21
average rating 4.9 out of 5
Based on 11 reviews
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11 Reviews
Reviewed by ALLEN T.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

I was impressed with the shipping container, the oil itself, and presentation en masse.

The packaging of the product was stunning.

Only the time it took to process and receive the order was negative. Nonetheless, I will order again.

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Reviewed by Derek, from United States
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Useful in intimate hygiene

Mixing eugenol oil with my bath water was a life changing decision. It's really good for feminine hygiene as it helps balance the ph and you know, give a neutral odor. It can also treat some mild vaginal ailments.

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Reviewed by Eric, from United States
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

For heartburn and discomfort after meals

I add a drop of this to whatever drink I'm having with my meal and it makes digestion effortless and curbs heartburn.

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Reviewed by Chloe, from United States
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Makes breathing easier

It works really well when I'm congested, it clears my airways and helps me breathe easily. Also has a very nice scent which is a bonus.

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Reviewed by Tiana, from United States
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Helps with digestion

Helps with general discomfort after big meals.

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