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🌼Thank You For Choosing Wholesale Botanics! 💚
🌼Thank You For Choosing Wholesale Botanics! 💚

Amber Boston Round Bottles - 16 oz

Crafted from only the highest quality amber glass, our amber bottles are available in several different sizes and well-suited for all of your essential oil and carrier oil storage needs. The quality and color of the glass used to create these bottles protect the liquid inside from UV radiation, further protecting the integrity of the blend and enhancing its shelf-life.

Our amber bottles also make for easy storage of your essential oils and other oil blends as they are perfectly shaped for easy holding. You should also note that the amber glass won’t break down or leach chemicals at all, meaning that your stored liquid oil blends are safe from contamination. Plus, the amber color of the bottle adds a unique design element so you can store and utilize your liquid blends with style.

***These bottles do not include caps. Add caps to your order by selecting the add on options below the add to cart button. Please note, the dropper cap includes both a dropper AND a cap, so if purchasing the dropper cap, both add-ons are not required to have an enclosed bottle.***

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