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🌿 Thanks for Choosing Wholesale Botanics 🌱

Certified Essential Oil Expert Network

Join a league of global experts who are passionate about essential oils and who are committed to sharing knowledge about the numerous uses and health benefits of EOs. Certified Oil Expert

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Certified Essential Oil Expert Directory

Below are just some of the many essential oil experts that you’ll be joining across the globe.

North America

As one of the largest and most well-known experts in the essential oils space, doTERRA is committed to sharing the health-giving benefits of EOs and has been delivering high-quality products since 2003.
Founded in 1994, Young Living is a renowned essential oil company whose mission has been to promote health and sustainability across the world.
Steph's Cheers and Jeers is a lifestyle blog that follows the life of Stephy who is a Mom, Wife, Kitchen Witch, and Chronic Pain Sufferer.


Founded in the UK, O&3 is passionate about essential oils and has a 40+ team of oil experts that work together to deliver high-quality products.
Farotti is an Italian essential oils company that is known for their 40-year artisanal approach and modern expertise when it comes to natural oils.


Essential Oils of Tasmania has been producing essential oils and extracts from the local area for over 40 years and their aim is to deliver pure products from local, traceable sources.
Based on the Gold Coast, ECO Modern Essentials specializes in pure essential oils and they are known for their quality and sustainability initiatives, such as planting native species trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity corridor.


Nuffield Wellness offers a complete luxurious Ayurvedic experience spanning holistic therapies, detox programmes, relaxing retreats, well-being workshops and yoga sessions. Our signature therapies draw on time-honoured Ayurvedic practices and can help fulfil your health and wellness goals.
Specializing in products that originate in Vietnam, Vietnam Essential Oils is committed to manufacturing and supplying pure and natural oils to a global market.
Operating since 2006, Van Aroma is an expert in natural, sustainably sourced Indonesian essential oils. They are also known for their botanical extracts and for specializing in locally based products like citronella and clove.

South America

With 128 years of history, Dierberger is an EO company that produces local products that are sustainably cultivated in Brazil and Latin America.
Founded in the early 2000s, Plantus is a Brazilian company that is committed to producing quality essential oils that promote sustainability and biodiversity.


Founded in 2003, Prana Monde is an essential oils company based in Johannesburg whose mission is to promote natural health and wellness.
Known for their expert knowledge on international quality control, Scatters is a South African essential oils company that produces organic and conventional oils and aims to empower local farmers.